Why Users Hate Your eCommerce Website and How to Make it User-Friendly?

Why Users Hate Your eCommerce Website and How to Make it User-Friendly?

Everyone prefers to conduct business online these days, but not everyone wants to make their purchases online. Some people want to see and experience a product or service before they purchase it – and this rings just as true for businesses as it does for consumers.

In Business to Business (B2B) marketing, you run into enough challenges. If you want to succeed in the current market, you may need to take a look at your ecommerce operations and see what you can do to kick them into shape. B2B ecommerce is exploding, and you need to keep up with the times.

Here are five things that could make your ecommerce site halted and you must need to fix them up:

You Have Bad Graphics

You’re a professional dealing with other professionals. Since you aren’t working with the typical consumer, you need to consider the way you come across. If your customer has spent a considerable amount of money having their graphics created, why would they trust someone who can’t present themselves the same way they can?

Bad graphics make an ecommerce website seem substantially less trustworthy. In B2B marketing, you can’t afford to underestimate the power of trust. You can hire a virtual assistant or learn the art of graphic designing. You don’t mind doing things which your business has an impact on. Small things could make a big difference so don’t do things casually. I personally have faced the same issue while taking things casually. I don’t want you to do the same.

You’ve Made Getting Help Impossible

B2B ecommerce sales often require a lot of communication, especially if your product or service is customized or tailored to the other party. It means you’ll likely receive a lot of questions from businesses that are interested in working with you. If your customer support and contact links are nonexistent or hard to find, companies will give up and look somewhere else for a company whose customer service is more accessible to access. Support is important for every business whether you are running an ecommerce store, blog or an affiliate site. This is how John Crestani has become a super star in the digital marketing industry.

Make sure you link your contact info in prominent places. The other best way is to create a social media profile and properly set up them and then connected to your website. This makes more trust about the potential customers, and they could easily find the communication address. .

You Don’t Have an Efficient Search Function

If someone is looking for something on your website, how do they find it? Do they need to click through tons of pages looking for a single piece of information? At some point, the person who’s looking will give up.

Your website should have a search function with some basic filters for the results. If you want someone to spend money with you, you can’t expect them to go crazy digging through your entire site for one specific thing they require.

You Don’t Allow Guest Checkout

You may be keen to dismiss the idea of guest checkout because you want businesses to register with you. On the other side, businesses may not want to commit to registering with you if they’re only looking to experiment with your services to see if you’re a good fit.

Allowing guest checkout will make startups and small businesses more inclined to give you a try. If they have a good experience, they will definitely come back. Make sure you offer them the option to sign up for your mailing list so you’ll still be able to keep them in your network.

Your Text is Subpar

Businesses want to research before they buy. They want to understand what it is they’re investing in it, and they know how to read the fine print. Your website needs to be very informative. There’s no such thing as exceedingly much information.

You can always truncate intricate specifications below “read more” tags. Not only will this provide businesses with the knowledge that they need, but it will free up some of your time that you may otherwise have to spend answering irrelevant questions.

In some ways, the quality standard of a B2B ecommerce environment needs to be much higher than that of a B2B ecommerce environment. Both sides are accustomed to the game of business, and this creates an aura of judgment. If your customer or client doesn’t take you seriously, you won’t thrive. Evaluate your ecommerce site, and consider giving it a face-lift.

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