Blogger Outreach: How To Promote Your Content Free

Blogger Outreach: How To Promote Your Content Free

first of all we need to know about your today’s post Blogger Outreach: How To Promote Your Content Free. You all have a question in your mind that how people run their sites quickly? Even you spend your more time but your efforts were in vain. You will spend your time in writing or anything for ranking your post. The answer is simple that you will get in our today’s post.

When you start working on your blog and write too many posts and also work very hard for it but your blog will never show any good results. And suddenly you see a new blog that’s become very famous suddenly. You will be in a confused situation about how behind the blog person makes their blog too popular within small time.

Even your contents look more attractive and good than that.

You will start searching about how to become a good blogger or how to promote content. You will also get too many answers, that will give you more tension and you will be disappointed and stop blogging. These all are very bad situations and also very common, will face every new blogger.

How becomes more popular even your post better than that?

Is it for their contents that attract people?

(this will be, but not sure about it)

(google designs will also help them but not enough for that)

You believe or not, but it all possible and did.  So now we go to discuss, how to promote your blog and get more popularity and attract traffic.

Simple trick to boost the traffic of the blog

When a new site becomes famous only in small time, in behind some special is going on.

Due to these things, it’s not mean for the making blogs becomes best is necessary to find someone that teaches about it. All the things come open.

In behind, every new blog that’s come very famous is blogger outreach. You make your blog links and share on social media and wait for the response. And wait until influencers view. How must try blogger outreach? Thus is a specific site that shows your blog in front of influence and blows your blog rapidly.

But before applying on anywhere you must need to understand. You must create more blog links of your blog than your niche. Create more sharing. Attract peoples by their interest.

The next question in your mind is how to apply in blogger outreach and promote your site. The answer to your question is simple and given below in easy steps.

Step 1: making a list of all good bloggers

You can use any application software like excel or Google drive for making an exact list of bloggers that is very famous than yours.  You can find their contact info and email. Basically, some best blogger will show their profile with the proper address for the contact. If you don’t find any address you will also find any other information. You can ask them for getting a touch.

You will contact on twitter, facebook anywhere you feel comfortable. You must make your sheet with best ways for later use.

Your sheet will look like this:

Blogger Outreach Excel sheets

Tools for fast tracking your blogger research
You can search on all top. In the search bar, you must enter a bold keyword for example “sales” instead of “top selling’

Blogger Outreach Site Explorer Homepage

When you search for you will see category results. You can select category according to you related blog.

Now check each blog and then add on your list only those that are look trusted and promising.

Next things are making your post niche. Your niche is most attractive and traffic catcher. You can use a different site for getting keywords. You can also use Google tools for observing which blogs are running well and about their posts.

For this purpose you have two methods first is you can simple search on the Google related to your keyword and then you will see the result at the end of the page. You will relate search in the below of Google page. You will select, change and also add a category by this.

The next method is to sign in by using your Google account and use directly Google tools. You can use Google keywords planner tool. That will show proper results with a ranking of per month. It will also show about related long keywords.

Step 2: arrange your target bloggers

Now, next step is very important and many people did a lot of mistakes in this step.

You must add only those blogger that sites are very famous and will helpful for you. Some people add all the related sites and then they will face a lot of problems while contacted with them.

After that, you can make 3 more columns on your sheet. You can add comments, domain authority, and social authority.

What is a social authority?

The big question in your mind is how we get social authority. As we all know that famous bloggers also have millions of followers. But all are same in respect. No one will know each other. If you start contacting with the blogger by just showing your simple personality then it will never work.

You can change your personality by showing some celebrity personality. As we know that, will Justin bieber want to contact the blogger than it will show more powerful than a common follower? This is best ways of getting a touch of blogger.

Domain authority:

Domain authority is very meaning full for you. You can check this by open site explorer.

You just put the URL of that blog. It will show their domain authority with some common and helpful detail.

Blogger Outreach Open Site Explorer Data

Blog Comment:

Blogs comment is also a good way of contact. You can ask about them and also get a touch of them. This work like as social media network. Everyone knows that comment is the biggest source of getting info about them. Some blogger like to give answers for you their followers.  Now in your mind is that what’s a social network? As we all know that facebook and twitter or any sites that will make a contact with you can others easily is called social site. Facebook is most commonly and famous site of the social network. Even every blogger easily finds out on these sites, if you have proper info about them.


Your next step is to make a good relationship with you and blogger. You can do this by any ways. You can directly contact using their blog info and any other ways in which you feel comfortable.

In the below, we will discuss some most important and helpful methods that will help you to connect with blogger easily and get their responses quickly. The is the biggest question ever in your mind, that why we connect to famous blogger?

The answer is simple we just want to show your content in front of them and ask them to give feedback. That’s why you work for making list and sorting number of bloggers domain. When you will in touch in with some famous bloggers, then you will see your blog will easily run. They help us to turn traffic on your blog. Only in small time, you will become the best blogger.

You can also consider that is a trick but it’s very helpful and amazing trick for everyone who is still struggling to rank their blog.

Share contents:

The best of getting a touch of a blogger is to share their posts. When you share their post then notification will show on their blog and they will notify your activity and try to contact you. You can share their most famous and helpful contents and also give feedback about contents. Try your best to show you in the top. You never go out from your list of blogger. Must work according to your list.

Content sharing is basically the best path of sharing because most people never like to share contents and when someone shares any post then they will show on the top.

Ask them Questions:

You can also try to ask them questions on social media. When blogger continues see your activities, then they will also start respecting you and answers to your question. Ask them any questions but related to posts. Show you more interest in their posts and show you personally by your style of asking questions.

Comment on the blog:

Some bloggers love to reply to their views comments. You can give good comments in their posts and make a small space in their mind.

You must consider genuine and meaningful comments. Not ask them about any other topic. Just give good comments according to the present topics. Generally (GREAT POST) is a very common comment that will work for any post. But don’t repeat your comments. Mean to say that never give same comments on the same post. Also, try to change your writing styles on your comments. Because a unique writing style will attract them and force them you reply. You can change writing style or also use “CAP LOCK” option to make good comments,

I prefer you to give long comment. If you comment is long like the story and also meaningful then it’s confirm that blogger respond to your comments and give a reply.

Send an email:

Also, send them a complimentary email. You can directly show yourself by sending them a feedback email. Your email is must about posts. Never ask them about direct help. Just try to focus their mind on you and make your personality in their mind. Now you are a thinking about which type of email will be a best. Don’t worry I show you, who to arrange and edit an email for a blogger?

Your email subject is according to their related post.

For example:


Subject: I love (blog name)

Hey! (Blogger name)

You every post is very helpful and good. I love to read it again because it inspires me to do something hard. Your hard work show in your posts. You work very well and also explain every single thing with an explanation. Your blog looks very good. I love you to read your every latest post. Please make some new posts (give any topic).

Keep it up, your awesome work.

(You name)


Find out broken link:

The best way of getting someone’s attention is to find out some mistakes in them and also tells them to improve. You will think that how you find mistakes in any blog? You can also use some application software that helps you to find mistakes. You can find broken links from their blog and then tells them by sending an email. If they start trusting in you then you will also offer them to solve their broken links and help them.


Ask them to give more detail about the post. If in some points they loses their direction then try to mention those points in front of them and ask them to give proper knowledge. You can also ask them to improve service by giving animated examples or any other helping material. If they notice you then they will also offer you to improve their service then you never forget to show some attitude. After that start working on the their blog.

Blog reach:

This time is to run your blog. You hit a long list of bloggers and also make a connection with them not this time is to work for your blog. You can contact them and ask for help or anything.

You must remember in your mind just the 3 things.

  • Wait for the comment on your blog.
  • Run back links of your posts.
  • Want to lend post opportunity?

So now I hope, you get a proper idea of what you need to do for this time. These are very easy and helpful steps. if you follow according to my recommendation then you will become a successful blogger. The posts are very important part of your blog. If your posts are much attractive and eye catcher then its conform your blog will run and famous but for this purpose, you will also need to do something special. Behind every successful person, a strong and hard work hides. As you see a lot of bloggers have same niche but both are very famous and people like to visit both. The difference is that they provide the best service and good detail. So try to give good detail and ultra attracted designs if your post design are so good then people will want to visit it. You must attach some images in your post because if your post have images then it’s easy for the viewers to understand everything.

Now i tell you about my blog and how I become a famous blogger even I just start from the beginning.

My first goal:

In my every post my goal is to force people to share my post. As you know, if people share your post then its hope to get more views. As everyone knows today’s social media is very huge and everyone will easily find out in social media. So if your post runs on social media then only in few minutes your post will become very famous. So must target to force your viewers to share your post and also give feedback. Because if viewers give feedback then they will visit again to check, for you response in their feedback or not. So must respond on your viewers feedback and guide them if they confused in some points. Make a good connection between you and you views. Then your views will start liking your blog and visit every day for getting new knowledge.

So these are simple tips, So now we turn to your blogger’s list. For showing your blog in front of bloggers. You can make a short email. Now you will yhinks about why we create a short email even we have a good connection with them, the reason is simple because we want to show them your blog directly not asking them to visit. because if you ask them to visit your blog then it’s dangerous for you because they will though you are just a business man and want to get views from them, so never ask them to visit your blog. In behind you show your blog short profile in your email. When they see then they will visit your blog by yourself.  So the next question is how to make a short email about our blog. It’s very simple you can just explain about your blog info and that’s it. For example:


Hey (blogger name).

I am a just a huge fan of your blog. As you know I comment on your blog and love to read your blog. Recently I found some guest posts in your blog. (Name the blog) as you know  about me if you want to make me a next author of your blog.

I also have some topics about your post just check it and then think about me.

Topic one

Topic 2

Topic 3

Now I give you ideas about these post.

URL (you blog link)

URL (your blog link according to post)

I also added some descriptions as you need.

I wait for your reply.

Your name.


Now I think you know how to design a short requested email and show your blog in front of them. This is very good method of showing your interest and making you a part of their blog.

Step 4: Grow relationship:

The next step is to make a relationship with the blogger. If your relation is good with blogger also like to visit your blog.

Say thanks to them for the help:

If they help you to run your blog then must say thanks and appreciate them for their kindness.  If you want to get help again then never break your relationship. Try to connect with them every time when possible.

Grow your relationship with social media:

Try to connect them on social sites. Skype is one of the best social sites in which every blogger like to connect. You can turn your relationship on Skype and make a good connection with them. Even every blogger has on Skype. Skype is best option for you.

Build your relationship offline:

Now this time is to meeting with them. You can ask them for an offline contact. If they give you then your hard work will succeed and they must help you every time. Make a good personality in their mind. You must help them when they ask you because the main goal of your relationship is to help each other. So never ask to help again and again because if you ask them for a help every time then they will think you are just a learner and never able to help them. So never try to lose your relationship even you need urged help. Must try to help them for making their blog more popular, because if you help them to run their blog, then they will also help you to run your blog.

Why are you waiting for?

Now you are able to run your blog so don’t worry about anything. If you want help then must consider me and I will also help you. The main purpose of this post is to help you to run your blog even you work very hard and never able to run your blog. Usually, blogs are available in the huge amount. Even a lot of the same category and topic blogs are available that make confusion in the viewers mind about which blog is good and able to give knowledge.

While you are writing a post and anything about your blog must give proper detail have possible for you. If your post is according to views requirement and you give the only important and helpful knowledge and helps views than your blog will rank rapidly and viewers like to visit your blog every time when they need help.

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